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FAQ’s Reading-Berks Guild Fine Arts and Crafts Festivals

*Who is eligible?

Submissions representing the finest quality craftsmanship are welcome. Juried members of the Reading-Berks Guild and PA Guild of Craftsmen have first priority. Non-members can apply as well but their work must be show juried. See guidelines below. If you are accepted into any show, we encourage you to become a member of the Reading-Berks Guild. If you would like your work chapter juried, consider applying for juried status. Information about jurying, including the application, or come to a meeting the first Tuesday of each month. Chapter membership includes membership in the PA Guild of Craftsmen also.

* Is there a application fee?

No, but if you are not a Guild Member there is a $15 Non-member Fee.

*What about deadlines?

Deadlines are March 1st for the Spring Festival and October 1st for the Holiday Festival. For those unable to meet those deadlines, as a membership organization we try to accommodate your needs. However shows fill quickly and only a small number of late-applying craftsmen are accepted. There is a $10 late fee for applying after the deadline.

*What are the standards for displayed work?

All items displayed must be the work of the craftsperson of record and must conform to the Reading-Berks Guild standards: excellence in craftsmanship, resolved design and a unique voice or style. Our shows feature original work by professionals; assemblages, embellishments, commercial products or work made from commercially available kits are not eligible. Consumables such as, but not limited to, vinegar, soaps, perfumes and candles are not eligible, unless used in the work of art. Prints may comprise up to 20% of the display. No “seconds” or “sale” signs are permitted. All shows are floor juried. Work displayed must be representative of your submitted application or you will be asked to remove it. Failure to comply with stated rules or a misrepresentation of your work may result in expulsion from the show.

*What about taxes?

A valid sales tax license is required for PA shows. You must include a sales tax ID# on this application. (Pa Dept of Revenue: 717-787-1064, You must collect and submit the state sales tax.

* How soon is the Application available?

The Spring Festival application is available soon after the past years show is over. The Holiday Festival application is usually available in February. They will be listed as soon as they are available.

* Do you accept Food Vendors?

No, the contracts for our 2 shows prevent us from providing external food.

*Do you have opportunities for emerging artists?

Yes we allow college students and art center students of all ages. Students may set up at no charge. We supply tables, pipe & drape and covers where needed for the students. They will be in our program booklet and also in our advertising. This is our educational mission for the Arts.

*What’s involved in the application process?

You will provide us with details of your craft including type and process. We require 4 high quality images of your work and 1 of your booth. Websites are a good resource. If accepted we may use your pictures for advertising you and the show.

*How are applications reviewed?

Our standards committee reviews the applications on going. We limit artists of one medium to 15% of the exhibitors. After that, you may be wait listed. Our Juried Guild Members have first priority.

* When are the Booth payments due?

Upon applying for our shows. Deadlines to remember: March 1st and October 1st are always the deadlines. After that there is a $10.00 late fee. By being late you lose out on advertising opportunities. We accept applications on going. Declined checks are fined $25 per incidence.

* What is included with my booth at the show?

We provide the 10 x 10 ft. footprint (see the application for other booth sizes) and electricity, 240 watts. You are required to provide everything else, including all sides, display and tables. Booths must have 3 sides (except corner spaces). You may use your EZ Ups, BUT NO TOPS. There is a 2 feet common area behind your booth that you share with your neighbor behind you for storage. The end booths need to close off the 2 feet area at the pole. No displays may exceed 8 feet tall without prior approval. Nothing (chairs, display and stock) may extend beyond your booth footprint. We do offer Pipe & Drape at $75.00 for a 10×10 ft booth and the 6×20 ft booth. A larger booth would cost a bit more. Also tables are available at $10.00 per table.

*Can I share a booth?

Yes, you may share a booth with a friend, spouse and or a fellow chapter member. Both participants have to apply independently and be juried, noting their wish to share a space with the other applicant.

*What are your policy on cancellations and refunds?

Your application is your commitment. Acceptance is by email. In the event you must cancel a show, please notify us immediately. For the Spring Festival, full refund until February 1, and no refunds after that. For the Holiday Festival, full refund until Sept 1, and no refund after that.

*What about my attendance and set up?

The craftsperson of record (as listed on the application) must be present during the entire show. Booths must be set up, staffed and open on time. All loading and unloading must be done during specified times. Exhibitor vehicles must be parked in specified locations. Be aware of the parking restrictions. Only handicap people are allowed to park in #1 parking area at the Field House. No early breakdowns are allowed!

*What about demonstrations?

Special demonstration booths are available. Demos must be dynamic presentations that inform the public of the importance of handmade crafts and the process involved. Demos are expected to be on-going. However if periodic demos are better for you, time slots will be issued. You may need an assistant to deal with sales.

*Waiver of Liability

In no event shall the Reading-Berks Guild of Craftsmen officers, directors, representatives, volunteers and agents be held liable for refunds, claims or any other liabilities for failure to produce the show due to circumstances beyond its control including, but not limited to: weather, fire, acts of God, strikes, legal action, site damage or cancellation, governmental actions, or other causes. Insurance for loss, damage, injury or liability is your responsibility.


Pets are not allowed unless used as part of your craft. Guide dogs are allowed.

*What are your image requirements?

We choose the very best work to use on our promotional materials. Send fresh, professional quality images each year. Images must represent current work being displayed. No names, faces or overlays should be on the images, including the booth shot. Poor images are the #1 reason applicants are not accepted for our shows. Make certain your images are as good as your craftsmanship.

  • Submit four images of your work and one booth image for each category you enter.
  • Digital images should be a minimum of 1400 pixels on the long side. We accept images that have been prepared for Zapplication, Juried Art Services and other online jury systems.
  • Save each image as a .JPEG or .JPG. When possible, name each as “LastnameFirstname1.jpg ( i.e. SmithJohn1.jpg), using 1 to 5.
  • Burn your 5 images to a CD/DVD and name it “LastnameFirstnameYear.” Please write this on the CD surface with a proper pen.

*What if I have other questions?