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We are a chapter of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, one of the nation’s largest and most recognized craft guilds. The PA Guild is made up of 15 chapters throughout the state, and each chapter brings fine crafts into local communities. Each Chapter has its own flair and personality, and offer great fellowship, educational and sales opportunities. Membership is open to all.

Board of Directors

Board Members:
President, Barry Bennecoff
Vice President, Cleon Garl,Sr.
Secretary, Kay Bennecoff
Co-Treasurer, Carol Haile
Co-Treasurer, Jodi Bryza-Stevenson
Newsletter, Sandra Jones

Committee Chairs:
Standards, Louise Mehaffey
Shows, Judy & Terry Boyer
Media, Kay Bennecoff
Education, Carol Haile
Program, Matt Vardjan
Website, Bill Jones
Sunshine Girl, Judy Boyer
Membership, Mike Brown